You can choose to either be ‘always right’ or ‘successful’… the choice is yours

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Every client you deal with will teach you a lesson. It will be a lesson about something you did right or something you did wrong but the lesson is there if you are open to receiving it. Some brokers spend their time blaming clients and prospects. Things like “that client just didn’t get it, that client didn’t value my time, that client used me and ended up going direct to the lender” and the blame game goes on. However, it’s not the client’s fault. You can’t control the client but you can control yourself and your reaction to clients. Ask yourself if it’s something you have done:

  • If you booked a meeting with a client without qualifying them properly over the phone, is it their fault they wasted your time? You chose to be undisciplined and not follow your system.
  • If your gut told you that this prospect is a time waster and it eventually turns out just how you expected it, is it the client’s fault? You chose to ignore your better judgement.
  • If you discount or waive your standard fee just to win the business, is it the clients fault for not valuing your advice/service?  You chose to undervalue yourself.
  • If you meet a new prospect and win their business quickly and simply, is it because of the client? Or did you perfect your sales process? You chose to be the best you could be.

I have chosen to try and build a successful business. I have not chosen to always be right.


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