Turn your mortgage broking business into Disneyland

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Disneyland (in Anaheim, USA) is an amazing business. Even if you are not interested in the entertainment value, it’s worth the visit to observe the way they do business. Perhaps the most significant thing is that they only care about the visitors that “get it” and they ignore the rest. Walt Disney was very clear in his vision when he established the first theme park in 1955. He wanted to “make people happy” and create the “happiest place on earth”. Some people buy into that vision and want to be taken away into a “magical land of fun” be it kids or the adult that wants to be a kid again! Disney designs and develops everything in its park(s) for that very exact person – their target market. Every ride, entertainment venue, restaurant, product, staff member is laser targeted to that same vision – the happiest place on earth. They don’t say to themselves “well some parents may visit that are very mature (read boring) and we should have a restaurant that is designed for them”. No. Everything in the park is on target.

I think lots of mortgage broking businesses can learn from this. There will be some clients that really “get what you do” and value it. There are other clients that are indifferent about the service/advice you provide. It’s erroneous for businesses to try and cater to every man and his dog and please everyone. Doing so tends to water down your core skills and culture. Instead, better to play to your strength (i.e. what you are good at and enjoy doing), design a service/advice business that only considered the needs of your target market. Deal with more target clients and less non-target clients. Give your target clients more of what they want and need.  Become more like Disneyland.

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