The best time and method to make annual review calls?

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Calling past clients’ is the most powerful thing you can do to build and maintain goodwill in your business. And the businesses with the most goodwill and client connection are typically the strongest, most profitable businesses. But what is the best way to complete them and when it’s the best time to do them?

Australian entrepreneur, Harold Mitchell (73) founded Mitchell Communication Group back in 1976 and is worth over $375 million (according to BRW). He still calls two clients each and every day and acknowledges it’s one of the most important tasks he does. If Harold can find the time to do it, you can too.

So what is the best method to complete annual reviews? Should you send a letter, email, call or book a meeting? And what’s the best timing? Do you complete all reviews annually (say during the Christmas/New Year period), monthly, at a certain time each week or daily?

I can tell you that over the past 13 years of broking we have tried many, many different strategies. If you can think of it, chances are we have tried it! In the end, the most effective method – like it or not – is to telephone the client and do it daily. The fact is, there is no magic bullet. Each and every client will prefer different methods of contact at different days/times – and for the same client it might change from month to month.

It is “consistent regularity” that is the magic bullet for both client and the business.

As best-selling author, Jim Collins puts it; “the signature of mediocrity is chronic incontinency” (awesome quote… stick it up in your office). Doing annual review calls for a couple of weeks, then getting busy and not doing them for several months and then starting again (sound familiar?) is almost just as bad as not doing them at all. Doing them all in one month is ineffective too – because not everyone will be ready and willing that month (when you are). Instead, get in the same habit as Harold Mitchell (he’s 73 – give him credit for his experience) and make a few calls every single day – it one takes a few minutes.

I promise it works. And it will be your most effective marketing/business building activity you do by a long margin (but only if you do it daily).


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