The art of developing a highly effective newsletter: part 2

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In part 1 of this article (published in December) I discussed why immediate lead generation shouldn’t be the main ain of your newsletter – and if it is, why that might be bad for business. In this blog I’m going to share my experiences for the best way to ensure that your clients read your newsletter and not bin it.

A successful newsletter must achieve two things. Firstly, your client must read it. This can be a challenge as people are bombarded with so much content these days – over 350 blog posts a published online every minute of every day! Secondly, it must leave them with a positive impression of your brand (you) by, for example, adding value, giving them an idea, making them think about their own situation and so on.

Relevance to client trumps relevance to business

The best way to get read is to be relevant to your reader. For example, if a lender wanted to send us a bit of communication that we are more likely to read, they could send us an email with the subject “use this marketing tactic to generate 10 new leads in the next 2 weeks”. Most of us would open and read this email wouldn’t we? That’s because it is relevant to us and appears to contain valuable information. However, this email has nothing to do with getting brokers to sell more of the bank’s home loans. But that’s okay because if they sent us an email with the subject “attached is our product flyer”, a lot less of use would read it.

Some brokers are obsessed with only sending information related to mortgage to their clients. Don’t be. Send them information that is relevant to them. For example, I have a list of dentists (prospective clients) that I email and I send them tips on how to improve their dental practice. They read these emails because they are relevant to them. A valuable non-mortgage-related article will work better than a useless mortgage-related article.

Segment your clients and send them content that is relevant to them. Better still, send out an internet survey to your clients and ask them what interests them. For example, last week I started sending a series of videos via email to all my clients that are in their 40’s (subject of the series is “strategies to build wealth in your 40’s”) – so that’s a pretty relevant topic to them.

Learn what drives human behaviour

Risk aversion is a very powerful motivator i.e. most people have a strong desire to avoid something bad. It has been proven that “making more money” is more powerful then “saving money”. The study of neuromarketing is becoming more prevalent and I suggest that you learn more about it. There is a great book called Buyology that I read a few years ago and I subscribe to a blog by Roger Dooley which I recommend. Finally, watch this 17-minute TED talk by Dan Ariely.

My challenge to you

Set aside two hours this week and plan out your newsletter strategy and topics for 2016. It will be time worth investing as a successful newsletter will make you a lot of money. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Test different topics and approaches. Good luck.

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