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I am going to select no more than 10 brokers only and personally coach them over the next 12 months. I will work with them until they achieve the results they set for themselves. More details below but first, why am I doing this?

Firstly, my mission is to inspire brokers to take their business to the next level and I’m doing many things to chip away at that mission (including this, blogs, speaker, online courses, etc.). Secondly, I love working with motivated people and I enjoy seeing the immediate results coaching brings – gives me a buzz (which writing blogs and speaking lacks to some degree). Lastly, working closely with people will give me more ideas about what this industry needs education wise. Having been a loan writer myself (settling more than $100 million p.a.), coached my staff for many years and constantly investing in self-education I know that I have the knowledge and experience to help brokers take their business (profit) to the next level. I also know that coaching works – its done wonders for me. I’ll personally guarantee you’ll achieve awesome results.

Details about coaching

  • I will select no more than 10 brokers only – this is more of a personal challenge rather than a business opportunity
  • We will schedule a 1 hour coaching session each week (Skype, phone or in person)
  • We will develop a personalised 12 month program based on your goals and current situation/challenges
  • You’ll have access to all tools and information that I have developed over the past decade (courses, webinars, etc.) – anything that helps you achieve your goals
  • The cost of the coaching program includes the one hour per week of coaching, 30-60 minutes of preparation, email support and all my intellectual property (ideas and tools)
  • The cost of the weekly coaching is $2,000 + GST per month. There’s an option for fortnightly coaching at $1,000 + GST per month depending on your requirements. I will offer a small loyalty discount off these rates for anyone that has already paid for my Broker Success Systems course
  • I will be selective with who I work with as I don’t want to waste anyone’s time – including mine.

So how can you be one of the 5 brokers?

Click here to download the short application form, complete it and email it to me.

The first step is an alignment session. The focus of this session is to help you get clarity of your goals, where your business is at, what you need to work on as a priority and your personal “why”. Essentially, the key outcome of this session is a very detailed 12 month plan. In addition, we’ll get to know each-other and work out if we are a good fit. If so, I’ll invite you onto the 12 month coaching program (and it will be your decision to accept or not). The alignment session costs $750 + GST and takes 2 to 3 hours.

If you have any questions, email me at


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When we market to prospects we often talk about interest rates and interest rate discounts – comparing rates to other banks, variable versus fixed, compared to the standard variable and so on. The problem with this is that interest rates don’t mean much to people and there’s research to back it up.

In his Ted talk, behavioural economist Dan Ariely talks about how we measure the attractiveness of certain options (click here to watch the presentation and if you are short of time, fast forward to 12 minutes and watch for about 3 minutes). Dan suggests that humans aren’t good at making decisions and selecting which ‘option’ (or choice) is best for them. Often, they are so confused that they select the easiest path (in our industry that’s the decision not to refinance or switch banks). His research further demonstrates that providing a client with 3 options (including one that is clearly inferior), helps people make a decision. Let me explain by example. Let’s assume our client (Jane) has a home loan with NAB for $300,000 at an interest rate of 6% variable – so interest only repayments are $1,500 per month. We want to suggest that Jane should consider refinancing to Westpac and fixing her interest rate. We could present two options: 1. refinance to Westpac at 100% variable at a rate of 5.95% (repayments = $1,488 p/mth) 2. refinance and fix at an interest rate of 5.50% (repayments $1,375 p/mth – saving $125 p/mth). Dan’s research suggests that including the first option will help more people select the second option.

I’m not suggesting that you purposely set out to manipulate people into refinancing – not at all. Instead, all I’m suggesting is be careful with how you communicate the benefits of one product compared to the next. For example, comparing repayments (in dollar terms) will typically be far more powerful than quoting rates. People think in dollar terms, not percentages. Secondly, recognise that it’s difficult for people to make decisions. Therefore, you either have to only provide one option (recommendation) or ensure that you are providing enough information to make comparisons but not too much information that will result in confusing the client.

Do you have any experiences with helping clients made decisions that you can share? Comment below.

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Will broker market share reach 70%?

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The CEO of LoanKit expects the mortgage broker market share to go over 70% – interesting comments and I agree – click here to read. But its up to us… we all need to aim high.


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Key profit driver: 3 levels of advice

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Knowing how to advise clients is just as important as knowing what to advice to give. You can have the most valuable advice in the world but if the client doesn’t follow it, it’s worthless. What is your approach to delivering advice and do you change it depending on the client? Are you aware there are 3 levels of advice?

Yes, I believe that there are three levels of advice and you need to build (earn) trust with the client before you can move up a level. However, from conversations with many brokers, it has become obvious to me that many brokers are reluctant to move up a level (or they aren’t aware of the levels) – even though they have earned it and the client wants them to. Here are the levels:

Level 1: information – clients initially come to brokers as an information source. There are two facets to this – firstly, brokers have ready access to mountains of product and policy information at their fingertips. Secondly, because the volume of information is so large, most borrowers need help wading through it and deciding which information is important and which information can be ignored when making their decision.

Level 2: advice – once you have developed trust with the client (hopefully during the first transaction) delivery of information will not be enough. They will want to know what you think they should do – which option should they choose. Providing information and choices at this stage will irritate the client – they trust you and believe that you know more than them and want your advice. You must help them make a decision. The more trust you have the more definitive and strong the advice needs to be to make the client happy.

Level 3: direction – once you have developed a very high level of trust with your client they will start wanting direction. Direction means they want to delegate the decision making to you. We have all had those calls from repeat clients: “I have just purchased a property, the agent will fax you the Contract and I’ll wait to hear from you which lender we will use this time”. However, it won’t be that obvious with some clients. Some clients may think they want advice but at the end of the day, they need to be told what to do (which I guess is still advice but more direct advice).

The higher the level, the more profitable the client because Level 3’s take a lot less time to service than Level 1’s.

The art in mortgage broking is to know when to move your advice approach up a level. The faster you can take a client to level 3, the more profit you will make. And there are systems that you can use to build trust fast but that’s another blog for another day.

I’d love to hear about your experiences in delivering advice.


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This morning I did a radio interview and I was asked what I thought the common mistakes property investors make with respect to borrowing. My answer was that people didn’t seek credit advice which resulted in poorly structured loans (giving rise to lack of flexibility, poor tax planning and poor risk management). I suggested that borrowers should first seek credit advice on things like how much they should borrow, how to structure it, how much to repay, fixed or variable and so on. This advice is bank-neutral (i.e. isn’t affect by the lender selected). Once borrowers have this advice, they can then turn their attention to the question of which bank to use.

I think it’s important that clients understand that we (brokers) deliver these two distinct services. The first service (advice) can deliver a large amount of value in the client’s eyes – although the value might not be obvious until your work has been done. Finding the best loan and doing all the paperwork is attractive too. However, the “value” is typically less than the advice bit – because the key benefit is saving the client some time.

In marketing, there’s a saying “tell them what they want to hear and educate them about what they need”. Most borrowers (that have not used a mortgage broker in the past) want a broker to save them time and get them the best deal. This is what you should tell them you do in your marketing. However, your sales process should aim to educate your client as to the need, importance and value of your advice. A good broker provides two services – talk about each of them at the right time and you’ll be successful. If you make the mistake of only talking about one of them, you’ll find it much harder to win clients.

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