Lazy brokers fail because they fail to…

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How many hours per year do you spend on trying to win new business and generate more leads? It is not unusual for a broker to spend over 2,000 hours per year on these activities.

How many hours per year do you spend on training? Most brokers would spend less than 10 hours per year – that a measly 0.5%!

Imagine what would happen if you did 10 times more training… i.e. increased your training time to 100 hours per year (that is only 2 hours per week or 5%)! You can learn a hell of a lot in 100 hours.

How much more productive and effective do you think you’ll be? I think you’ll easily increase your settlements by $2 million per month – easily. That makes you an extra $140k in upfront’s which is a tremendous return on the investment. But that’s not where the true value of training lies because you have taught yourself to fish. If you can train yourself well enough to maintain this increase in settlements for the next 10 years, the value of the extra trail and upfront commission is over $2 million!

So you have spent 1,000 hours on training over 10 years and you have generated $2 million in revenue – that’s an hourly return of $2,000 per hour. Pretty good hey?

There’s no other investment that I know of that provides a higher return than training.

Do more. If you want to become a great broker you have to put in the work.

Take 10 minutes now and write out a training calendar for the next 12 months. Book a training course. Download an audio.

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Please sign up for this valuable training if you’re interested in learning more.}


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