How to avoid cold calling past clients

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I don’t think I have ever met anyone that likes cold calling. Sometimes calling past clients that you haven’t dealt with for some years seems like cold calling (to you and them!). So what can you do about that?

Cold calling might work in some industries but it’s a low conversion (high) contact sport. I don’t enjoy making cold calls and I don’t enjoy (or take) cold calls. You should never make a cold call… ever. With past clients that you haven’t dealt with for some time you almost need to start the sales/marketing process all over again. The sales process can be simply summarised into 3 steps being know, like and trust. The good thing with past clients is that they might already “know” you exist. If not, you might have to remind them (I.e. “My name is Joe. I brokered your loan 5 years ago…”). The next step is then for you to get them to like you. You can do this by respectfully adding value with every communication. Send them a articles that might interest them, write an article, share client success stories (stories are very powerful), invite them to a webinar, a seminar, tell them what’s happening in their local property market (comparable sales), offer to spend 30 minutes with them brainstorming what financial strategies they should consider… Anything that adds value and is tailored to their situation – I’m not talking about mass untargeted email blasts about an uninteresting topic. That’s not respectful of their time.

Once they like you, they will read what you send them. If you provide value in your communications, they will trust you and answer/return your annual review calls.

So, getting back to what to do with all those past clients that you haven’t been in contact with for a few years, you need to develop a communications campaign where you build on “know” and “like” for a few months (for example, 4 communications over the next 6 months – maybe a combination of email, mail and text). After the campaign is done, you should spend 30 minutes per day calling these clients to search for new opportunities for you (and them). Best of all, it’s now no longer a cold call because they know and like you (and your calling about the articles and ideas you’ve given them over the past 6 months).

Spending time and money marketing back to your database will yield the highest return on your marketing dollars by a factor of 10 in my experience and opinion. Optimise this before you do any other marketing. Go get ’em!

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