Have you tried this one strategy to make winning clients simple, easy and quick?

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For some reason humans tend to overcomplicate things and then end up not seeing the wood from the trees. Often the simplest solution – the one right in front of our eyes – tends to be the best solution. And this could not be truer in mortgage broking.

One of the simplest and most powerful strategies that I know of is to; break the sale up into small steps and focus on just selling the next step. Let me explain using a real-life example of a client interaction I had last couple of weeks. I met with a new client and learnt that he only just recently refinanced his home loan a few months ago. After learning about the client’s situation, it was obviously that he needed to restructure for tax reasons but this would also involve a refinance (as his existing lender didn’t have the products to accommodate the correct structure). My concern was that the client probably wouldn’t want to go through a refinance again in such a short space of time. To address this we firstly educated the client in respect to the merits of the better structure i.e. helped him understand how much tax it would save him (and we didn’t talk about lenders or anything like that). Then, once he had agreed with the recommended structure, we demonstrated why he needed to refinance and pitched our lender. The client agreed and we are currently undertaking a refinance. If we had have pitched both items at one time (i.e. the structure and the refinance), it would have been a lot harder for the client to understand (i.e. more questions, more time) and possibly we wouldn’t have won the deal.

The crux of this strategy is simple. Break up the sale into as many small steps and focus only on selling the next step. Don’t move on until the client has agreed to each of the steps you have presented. This approach is very effective and will make both you and the client feel very comfortable. Complexity is the enemy of the sale.


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