Do you ever unsell?

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When presenting solutions to clients the typical approach is to present a few options and then provide the client with a few reasons why they should agree to using the lender you recommend. By the way, research has shown that you should present 3 reasons – not more or less.

However, sometimes a stronger approach is to present (for example) the top 3 lowest cost options and unsell the two lenders/banks that will not suit the client. There could be very good reasons why two out of the three lenders you have presented do not suit the client e.g. borrowing capacity too low or other credit issues which will prevent the loan from being approved, lack of product features such as offsets, etc.

This approach is good to use when the reasons to not use certain lenders are more compelling than the reasons to use the lender that you are recommending.

I know this sounds like a really simple strategy but often we get into habits and tend to communicate and sell in the same way each time. As sales trainer Jack Daly says; “people and circumstances are always different, sell accordingly”. That is, the same approach won’t be equally effective on everyone – you need to adapt your approach according to the circumstances.

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