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In the 2007 (calendar year), I personally settled $108,137,551 in residential loans and in 2008 I settled $109,707,844. I stopped writing loans personally at the end of 2008 and employed staff (loan writers) to take over. Through operating as a sole loan writer and then teaching what I have learnt to my staff, I have gained a massive amount of knowledge and insight into what’s needed to become an effective mortgage broker (i.e. write good volumes working normal hours). In addition to this, over the past 9 year I have spent approximately $965,000 in total on marketing initiatives. I have tried lots of different things and have learnt what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t. I am constantly testing new things and learning all the time.

I have downloaded all my knowledge into this eLearning course which provides both theatrical content (i.e. what I have learnt) and practical tools (I give you all my reports, scripts, checklists, sales documents, emails, presentations – a massive library – literally everything you need to start implementing what you learn from day one). It’s a turnkey solution. Plus, for 12 months, you have access to me by email – I’ll personally help you.

If you are a ready to take your business to the next level, my 8-module comprehensive, step-by-step training course is guaranteed to help you settle more loans and, more importantly, make more profit in less time.

I have focused on doing all the work for you… you get all my tools

My approach to developing this course was to ensure all the work is done for you. I realise you are busy and don’t have time to sit down and write documents, systems, processes, checklists and so on. So not only do I teach you all my strategies that I still use today but I give you all the tools.

Course overview

Module 1: It is very important that you systemise your lead generation activities so that you receive a consistently high level (and quality) of leads. A good system will generate leads 24/7/365 without effort  
Module 2: Few brokers have an awesome sales system that converted leads quickly, profitably and pain-free. Once you have a multi-step sales system it does all the hard work – you just have to drive it  
Module 3: This module includes over 26 online tools that will help you systemise the strategies you learn in module one and two  
Module 4: You must delegate anything that’s not worth our hourly rate – there’s lots of cheap and easy ways to do this – but shed the burden of admin!
Module 5: Don’t hire any loan writers until you have a bullet-proof business model. Get the business model right and the rest is easy   
Module 6: I believe that 99% of brokers hire the wrong types of people as loan writers. I’m going to show you how to hire loan writers that don’t leave after you have trained them  
Module 7: A good sales process will capture all revenues. I’ll show you how to make more money with no more effort   
Module 8: One day you’ll sell your business. I’ll tell you how to get double the going rate.

Click here to download a comprehensive content listing of each module.

Every 30 days you’ll receive access to the next module including all the documents ensuring that you spread your time evenly between learning and implementing.

100% Guarantee

If anytime during the first 30 days you don’t want to continue with the course I’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked. Just send me an email and I’ll give you your money back within 24 hours. Therefore, there’s no risk to signing up and starting with module one (plus the bonuses).

Testimonials from brokers current completing the course

“I have been looking for a turnkey mortgage business for some time, which did not involve joining a franchise or similar. The modules (in Stuart’s course) address the “problem areas” of running your own mortgage brokerage, which I believe are the areas that stop business growth.”
Patricia Paris | Capita Financial Group


“Stuart’s vision for the Mortgage Broking industry should be commended and his course delivers on this! It really feels like he’s left the key to his office under the door mat and said “go for your life”. He’s provided access to every system and document in his business and on top of this he’s been available to take any questions along the way. The course is coming from a business that has consistently achieved big numbers and I can already see that it contains some tools which will allow me to do the same.”
Karl Bower | Welgro


“The amount of information in the first two modules was simply mind blowing and swamped me with so many action plans and ideas. It has helped us in so many ways from how we close the deal through to the way that we present the information in the first place. One of the very big plusses that came out of this was the realisation on the role that we actually do perform and the value that we do add to the clients. It will add a new level of professionalism to the way that we operate.”
Kathy Rogers | FinancialPlus


“I highly recommend Stuart’s Broker Success course to anyone in the financial services industry wishing to take their business to the next level. The tools and education within the course deliver a simple and logical set of systems and processes that are proven to produce results. Stuart has generously shared the knowledge that he has gathered over the years to help others in the industry create a first class brokerage. As a result I now am clear on how to make this happen. Thanks again.”
Shayne Cook | Presidio Finance Consulting


Visit for more information, watch a recording of a webinar and to enrol in the course.