Building good working relationships with clients

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By Scott Matthews, the founder and Managing Director of Finance Life

I have been a broker for 13 years. In that time I have settled some $500m in loans, worked with thousands of clients and had a great time doing it. I believe the key to being successful is enjoying yourself and what you do. Being a finance broker should be something you are rather than something you do.

I always tell my team “Don’t sell the loan. Build trust with the client, sell yourself. If you have a 0% home loan and they don’t like you, they won’t buy it.” The fact is, if a client is unable to build a personal connection with you and cannot build trust or belief in you, it is unlikely they take the loan you are offering. They will defer on their decision, call another half dozen brokers and pick the person who they like the most – selling the same product.

You do not need to be a slick sales person and stitch the client up on any old loan. You need to be honest, genuine, educated, aware and nice. Dress nicely, dress professionally, smell nice and speak articulately. And a smile always helps too. Offer the client the best loan you have, educate them on why it is in your opinion the best loan, and then have conviction. Stand by your word. Stand by your decision, be proud, be open to criticism from the client, and again be informed. You should always know your products more than your clients. You should know your products more than your competition. Be educated, be aware. Have your finger on the pulse.

The client has come to you seeking advice. They have sought you out. In my case, 99% of the time my clients are referred by an existing client. They have been told to see you by someone they trust. Don’t let your referrer down.

Be personable. Tell stories, have fun, laugh. Remember to smile. But be serious, be factual and try and always be right.

At the end of the day 14,000 brokers and tens of thousands of bankers are seeing clients to do loans each year. You need to exceed expectations if you want to be the best.

I once did a sales course where we were told we should ask our clients at the end of the consultation for the names and numbers of three friends that we could contact to offer our services. It is my opinion that you SHOULD NOT DO THIS. It is awkward and in my opinion it is rude. Focus on doing your job well, deliver on what you promise and your client will speak about you. They will refer friends and family – but only if you look after them, you are nice to do business with and they like you. They will not ever refer you clients if they don’t like you.

Deliver on what you promise. Exceed the customers’ expectations.

When was the last time you were out and the topic of conversation was tax and accounting? Your friend turns to you and says, “Hey, my accountant is really crap. I get a crap tax return each year and I have to teach him about what to claim”. It doesn’t happen, or rarely at best. What does happen is the people with the crap accountants keep quiet. No one wants to boast about a dud! What does happen is your friend says, “Hey, I used this great broker the other day. She was really lovely to deal with, she gave me exactly what she said she would and we were both really happy with her”. People love to boast about what is good. People always love to talk about “their” person, or “why” their person is so great.

Be the person your clients are boasting about – because they are not clients. They are ambassadors.


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