20 true fans

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I went to a presentation by Tim Ferriss (author of The 4 Hour Work Week and a few other books) a few months ago and he strongly recommended people read an article by Kevin Kelly called “1,000 True Fans”. I just read it. The idea behind the article is that you only need a few Read the full article…

Ask better questions… the quickest way to making a sale

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Liz Wiseman (Book: Multipliers) says that the best way to influence someone is to ask better questions. Questions that don’t lead to a “no” answer. Questions that get your prospect thinking. Questions that start a conversations. Questions that draw out the emotions attached to the clients impending decision. I’m a big fan of starting every Read the full article…

Focus on trust and the rest takes care of itself

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I read Seth Godin’s blog with enthusiasm this week (click here to read it). It’s all about trust. Developing trust with prospects is the ONLY thing a mortgage broker needs to focus on. Without trust, you can’t have a profitable, loyal, long-term client. In my opinion, by far the best thing you can do to Read the full article…

Great brokers don’t ask for business

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Mark Muller is the key character in a series that airs on Foxtel called Gods, Guns & Automobiles. He runs a used car business and if you can get past all his Americanisms, he has a lot to teach when it comes to marketing and sales. I have included a video below. In this video Read the full article…

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Coles is aggressively expanding into financial services. It began with Coles insurance and now with Coles credit card. It has a huge marketing budget and an even bigger customer database (via the data it gets from their rewards program). I’m positive its next move will be into home loans… are you worried??? (This blog is Read the full article…

How to avoid cold calling past clients

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I don’t think I have ever met anyone that likes cold calling. Sometimes calling past clients that you haven’t dealt with for some years seems like cold calling (to you and them!). So what can you do about that? Cold calling might work in some industries but it’s a low conversion (high) contact sport. I Read the full article…

Successful brokers focus 80% of their energy on one thing

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Today I want to talk about energy and where your energy is directed and where successful brokers direct their energy. It’s a simple concept but a very powerful one and something that all success business people do. We all have a limited amount of energy. Let’s assume that we all have 100 units of energy Read the full article…

How long does it take you to spot a deal?

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Your ability to spot a deal is probably one of the single most important factors that will determine how much profit you’ll make in the next 12 months. Become awesome at spotting profitable and non-profitable deals and you’ll make heaps of money. But the reverse is also true. So what do I mean “spotting a Read the full article…

Turn your mortgage broking business into Disneyland

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Disneyland (in Anaheim, USA) is an amazing business. Even if you are not interested in the entertainment value, it’s worth the visit to observe the way they do business. Perhaps the most significant thing is that they only care about the visitors that “get it” and they ignore the rest. Walt Disney was very clear Read the full article…

Only a few refer regularly… find them!

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When was the last time you went through the referrals you received in the past 12 months to identify the clients or colleagues that referred you more than one prospect? Most businesses have a small group of advocates that go out of their way to promote the business because they love what they do (or Read the full article…