Tell your story as often as you can

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I recently attended a one day workshop with the teacher I respect the most, Seth Godin (I have referred to his blogs in previous posts). Whilst I learnt many things throughout the day, perhaps the most powerful was to tell my story. Doing so will attract only “perfect” clients. The first lesson is “as soon Read the full article…

Using NCCP Compliance As A Marketing Tool

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Many mortgage brokers love to complain about the NCCP Act. They protest that the regulations are too restricting, too time consuming. While it is true that NCCP Compliance takes time and effort, if you are looking at compliance as an imposition then you are missing out on some of the great benefits that compliance can Read the full article…

My advice to new brokers…

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A common question I receive from new brokers is “what tips can you give me to be successful and what mistakes did you make?” I’m going to write a few blogs on this because I have made a lot of mistakes and knowing what I know now, I’m certain I could build a broking business Read the full article…

We really need to share more… and now!

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Imagine if we could upload the knowledge and experience of every mortgage broker in Australia to one central place and then download that entire database of knowledge into each and every mortgage broker. How awesome would our industry become? What would our market share be? How much more money would we all make? What would Read the full article…

Who controls the conversion?

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When a client asks about interest rate, how do you respond? Do you allow yourself to get dragged into the conversation or do you subtly educate the client about the important factors to consider when setting up a loan – with the interest rate being an important factor – but often not the most important Read the full article…

You’re not a magician… tell your clients

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Why do people use mortgage brokers? One of the reasons is probably because they feel like they might get a better level of personalised service compared to what they’d get going directly to the bank. But clients are only partially correct if they think this and you need to tell them this. A good financial Read the full article…

Does email help or hinder your sales process?

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Some brokers prefer to communicate to clients by phone rather than wasting time typing out an email. Other brokers prefer email as it’s more convenient and less intrusive. But what method is the best to make the sale? Speaking to people over the phone or in person is far more powerful than writing an email Read the full article…

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If I could teach you one lesson and guaranteed that it would increase your settlements each and every year by 10% for the rest of your broking career, how much would that be worth to you? You would need to consider the value of the upfront commission, compounding trail commission and also the fact that Read the full article…

The one secret to mortgage broking success

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When high profile and successful business people are interviewed by journalists they are often asked what the one secret to their success is. What is the one thing they should do in their industry that will guarantee success? I have found the one that thing guarantees success in the mortgage broking industry… The secret to Read the full article…

20 true fans

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I went to a presentation by Tim Ferriss (author of The 4 Hour Work Week and a few other books) a few months ago and he strongly recommended people read an article by Kevin Kelly called “1,000 True Fans”. I just read it. The idea behind the article is that you only need a few Read the full article…