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The banks cannot complete with us on one thing… maximise it

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I read this week that stock analysts are putting pressure on the CEO of Westpac, Brian Hartzer to reduce branch numbers in order to reduce costs. The big banks are focusing more on technology and reducing people costs (i.e. staff numbers). This is a major advantage for us (brokers).

It is interesting that some brokers try to make their business look larger than it is (e.g. their website talks about us as if its a big business). I guess the idea is that people trust bigger businesses, not one man bands? However, I dont think this is true at all. People trust people. And it takes a lot longer for people to trust brands (if at all).

Taking out a home loan is a complex and important transaction and its often peoples largest lifetime expense. It is just too risky for 90%+ of the general public to trust a website or faceless brand. Borrowers dont want to be sold to. Borrowers dont need help comparing interest rates or products  there is heaps of free information and tools available on the Internet to do this. Instead, borrowers want to find people (a broker) they like and trust to reassure them that they are making the right decision and they havent missed anything. In short, borrowers want relationships with real people that will look out for them. Ironically, the banks are providing less of these people.

The best advice I have for brokers is play to your strength. Market your personal brand. Tell prospective clients who you are and what you stand for. Remind them that your ability to put dinner on the table for your family is dependent upon you doing a good job for them and looking after their needs  call it old fashioned banking if you will.

Recent research published by MPA magazine suggest that 60% to 80% of people will find their broker via a personal or professional referral (higher income earners and younger people are more likely to rely on referrals). When it comes to banking, people are more likely to refer people, not brands. Youre a person& use it to your advantage.

By the way, next week I will send you an invite to a webinar I am running on 1 October called How to double your referrals& look out for the email invitation.


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Do you ever unsell?

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When presenting solutions to clients the typical approach is to present a few options and then provide the client with a few reasons why they should agree to using the lender you recommend. By the way, research has shown that you should present 3 reasons – not more or less.

However, sometimes a stronger approach is to present (for example) the top 3 lowest cost options and unsell the two lenders/banks that will not suit the client. There could be very good reasons why two out of the three lenders you have presented do not suit the client e.g. borrowing capacity too low or other credit issues which will prevent the loan from being approved, lack of product features such as offsets, etc.

This approach is good to use when the reasons to not use certain lenders are more compelling than the reasons to use the lender that you are recommending.

I know this sounds like a really simple strategy but often we get into habits and tend to communicate and sell in the same way each time. As sales trainer Jack Daly says; “people and circumstances are always different, sell accordingly”. That is, the same approach won’t be equally effective on everyone – you need to adapt your approach according to the circumstances.

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Have you tried this one strategy to make winning clients simple, easy and quick?

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For some reason humans tend to overcomplicate things and then end up not seeing the wood from the trees. Often the simplest solution – the one right in front of our eyes – tends to be the best solution. And this could not be truer in mortgage broking.

One of the simplest and most powerful strategies that I know of is to; break the sale up into small steps and focus on just selling the next step. Let me explain using a real-life example of a client interaction I had last couple of weeks. I met with a new client and learnt that he only just recently refinanced his home loan a few months ago. After learning about the client’s situation, it was obviously that he needed to restructure for tax reasons but this would also involve a refinance (as his existing lender didn’t have the products to accommodate the correct structure). My concern was that the client probably wouldn’t want to go through a refinance again in such a short space of time. To address this we firstly educated the client in respect to the merits of the better structure i.e. helped him understand how much tax it would save him (and we didn’t talk about lenders or anything like that). Then, once he had agreed with the recommended structure, we demonstrated why he needed to refinance and pitched our lender. The client agreed and we are currently undertaking a refinance. If we had have pitched both items at one time (i.e. the structure and the refinance), it would have been a lot harder for the client to understand (i.e. more questions, more time) and possibly we wouldn’t have won the deal.

The crux of this strategy is simple. Break up the sale into as many small steps and focus only on selling the next step. Don’t move on until the client has agreed to each of the steps you have presented. This approach is very effective and will make both you and the client feel very comfortable. Complexity is the enemy of the sale.


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The best time and method to make annual review calls?

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Calling past clients’ is the most powerful thing you can do to build and maintain goodwill in your business. And the businesses with the most goodwill and client connection are typically the strongest, most profitable businesses. But what is the best way to complete them and when it’s the best time to do them?

Australian entrepreneur, Harold Mitchell (73) founded Mitchell Communication Group back in 1976 and is worth over $375 million (according to BRW). He still calls two clients each and every day and acknowledges it’s one of the most important tasks he does. If Harold can find the time to do it, you can too.

So what is the best method to complete annual reviews? Should you send a letter, email, call or book a meeting? And what’s the best timing? Do you complete all reviews annually (say during the Christmas/New Year period), monthly, at a certain time each week or daily?

I can tell you that over the past 13 years of broking we have tried many, many different strategies. If you can think of it, chances are we have tried it! In the end, the most effective method – like it or not – is to telephone the client and do it daily. The fact is, there is no magic bullet. Each and every client will prefer different methods of contact at different days/times – and for the same client it might change from month to month.

It is “consistent regularity” that is the magic bullet for both client and the business.

As best-selling author, Jim Collins puts it; “the signature of mediocrity is chronic incontinency” (awesome quote… stick it up in your office). Doing annual review calls for a couple of weeks, then getting busy and not doing them for several months and then starting again (sound familiar?) is almost just as bad as not doing them at all. Doing them all in one month is ineffective too – because not everyone will be ready and willing that month (when you are). Instead, get in the same habit as Harold Mitchell (he’s 73 – give him credit for his experience) and make a few calls every single day – it one takes a few minutes.

I promise it works. And it will be your most effective marketing/business building activity you do by a long margin (but only if you do it daily).


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Are you busy selling yourself to prospects? If so, read this!

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There are typically two approaches you can take to win a new prospect or lead.

You can try and sell them on why you are the broker they should trust and use, why CBA or ING or another lender best suits their needs and why they need to get a pre-approval… which you can get started on organising right now… Or

Alternatively, you can tell the prospect exactly what you do for your clients, how you work, the types of clients that best fit what you have to offer and share some successful results (case studies) – then let the prospect decide if it suits them or not.

The first approach requires you to put most of your effort and energy in becoming the best salesperson you can be… to develop an awesome sales system… to master the sale.

The second approach requires you to put all your effort in designing a service that delivers incredible value to your target clients – so much so, that when your target clients hear about what you do, they are instantaneously attracted to your offer.

The value of a broker’s service and advice is inversely related to the amount of effort it takes to sell their service. That is, it takes a lot of energy to convince a prospect to more forward if the prospect sees little value in what you do. So perhaps this week you should focus on developing your client value proposition rather than honing your sales skills. The find as many target clients as you can and share what you do. The “right” clients will be attracted.

P.S. I am using this exact approach for the broker referrals course I am currently writing. The course is written specifically for brokers and contains over 24 proven referral strategies that will help them double the amount of referrals they receive. It’s not for everyone. But serious brokers will clearly see the value in joining the course.


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