Are you busy selling yourself to prospects? If so, read this!

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There are typically two approaches you can take to win a new prospect or lead.

You can try and sell them on why you are the broker they should trust and use, why CBA or ING or another lender best suits their needs and why they need to get a pre-approval… which you can get started on organising right now… Or

Alternatively, you can tell the prospect exactly what you do for your clients, how you work, the types of clients that best fit what you have to offer and share some successful results (case studies) – then let the prospect decide if it suits them or not.

The first approach requires you to put most of your effort and energy in becoming the best salesperson you can be… to develop an awesome sales system… to master the sale.

The second approach requires you to put all your effort in designing a service that delivers incredible value to your target clients – so much so, that when your target clients hear about what you do, they are instantaneously attracted to your offer.

The value of a broker’s service and advice is inversely related to the amount of effort it takes to sell their service. That is, it takes a lot of energy to convince a prospect to more forward if the prospect sees little value in what you do. So perhaps this week you should focus on developing your client value proposition rather than honing your sales skills. The find as many target clients as you can and share what you do. The “right” clients will be attracted.

P.S. I am using this exact approach for the broker referrals course I am currently writing. The course is written specifically for brokers and contains over 24 proven referral strategies that will help them double the amount of referrals they receive. It’s not for everyone. But serious brokers will clearly see the value in joining the course.


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