What it means to be an Ambassador

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If you share the same vision with the community on this website I would encourage you to commit to becoming an ambassador of the cause because we need your help to spread the word. Ambassadors agree to do whatever they are able to do to lead the industry in the direction of this vision. This could be as simply as incorporating the vision’s beliefs in your day-to-day business. Perhaps you’d be kind enough to do more; talk about the vision with your colleagues, contribute to the blog on this site, encourage lenders, aggregators and suppliers to support this vision – anything to get people talking, thinking or acting upon this vision.

You can invite me to present on this vision. My presentation typically lasts an hour and aims to educate, entertain and inspire brokers to join the revolution. Contact me if you are interested in inviting me to speak at your next PD day. Many of my presentations are done without charge but depending on the size of your group, location and type of organisation, a cost may be unavoidable. You can contact me at stuart@brokerrevolution.com.au.

How to become an Ambassador

It is simple. Just send me an email (stuart@brokerrevolution.com.au) with your name, position and company and I will include you on the list below.


I would like to thank the following people for being Ambassadors and without all of their support this movement wouldn’t survive.

1. Mr Stuart Wemyss
ProSolution Private Clients
Mortgage Broker
2. Mr Mario Borg
Masters Broker Group
MFAA Certified Mentor
3. Mr Max Ivanoff
Max Ivanoff Property Finance
Mortgage Broker
4. Mr Karl Bower
Mortgage Broker
5. Mr John Kolenda
Aggregator Owner
6. Ms Therese O’Neill
Alpha Broker
MFAA Mentor
7. Mr Murray Lees
Aggregator Owner
8. Ms Deena Janes
Managing Director
Your Client Matters
9. Mr Andy Garside
Vault Plus
Mortgage Broker
10. Ms David Merison
Vault Plus
Mortgage Broker
11. Mr James Veigli
Broker Profits Vault
Business Coach
12. Ms Deena Janes
Your Client Matters
Marketing Expert
13. Mr Matt Lawler
Chief Executive Officer
Yellow Brick Road
14. Mr Mark Hanney
Property First
MFAA Certified Mentor
15. Ms Amber Linzner
Director/Mortgage Advisor
AKL Finance Group
16. Mr Ray Hair
ALI Group
17. Mr Alan Harrosh
More Rosh & Waters
Mortgage Broker
18. Mr Patrick Cranshaw
North Brisbane Home Loans
Mortgage Broker
19. Mr Shane Will
Boutique Finance Group
Mortgage Borker
20. Mr Jeff Messer
Corporate Finance & Leasing
Commercial Broker
21. Mr Robert Elton
Free Time Finance
Mortgage Borker
22. Mr Ben Kingsley
Empower Wealth Advisory
23. Ms Katherine Quirke
Mortgages In Focus
Mortgage Broker
24. Mr David Franek
Customer Focus Financial Group
Mortgage Broker
25. Ms Jill Clarke
Financial Momentum Solutions
Mortgage Broker
26. Mr Hany Pham
Central Choice
Mortgage Broker
27. Mr John Leighton
Leighton Financial Group
Mortgage Broker
28. Mr David Johnson
General Manager
Noble Financial Services
29. Mr Justin Delanty
Lending 4 U
Mortgage Broker
30. Mr Kamran Sedghi
Kambiz Mortgage Services
Mortgage Broker
31. Mr Ashley Playsted
GM Acquisition & Alliances
Nexus Partners
32. Ms Daniela Mitkov
ProSolution Private Clients
Mortgage Broker
33. Ms Jodi McKeown
ProSolution Private Clients
Mortgage Broker
34. Mr Mark Hewitt
GM of Sales and Operations
35. Ms Alycia Inglis
Inglis & Rock
Mortgage Broker
36. Ms Sue Hayter
Trusted Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Broker
37. Mr Boris Biskupic
E-Financial Freedom
MFAA Certified Mentor
38. Ms Leanne Pon
Savvy Home Loans
Mortgage Broker
39. Brett Mansfield
General Manager
Buyer’s Choice
40. Frank Paratore
Chief Executive Officer
Ballast Corporation
41. Laurence Kennedy
Earlybird Finance
Mortgage Broker
42. Tim Kerin
Mortgage Choice
Mortgage Broker
43. Dalys Hargreaves
Ivy Broking
Mortgage Broker
44.  Deb Richards
Inline Home Loans
Lending Director
45. Marios Rokka
Loan Market
Mortgage Broker
47. 48.