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Hello, my name is Stuart Wemyss and I joined the mortgage broking industry in 2002. When I started I had no experience in lending or a sales role and I really struggled for the first 18 months. I learnt the hard way and made plenty of mistakes. However, after 2 to 3 years I started to enjoy some success in in my fifth and sixth year in broking I personally settled over $100m per annum. I did this through constant trial and error – there was nothing that I wouldn’t test to see if it would grow my business. Keen to build a business around me (rather than a sole loan writer), I started to hire staff. My business (ProSolution Private Clients) now employs 11 people and we offer mortgage broking, insurance, financial planning and accounting/tax services.

After nearly 10 years at ProSolution I felt like a fresh challenge. So from January 2012, I reduced my hours down to two days per week and started to investigate other industries. However, in doing so, I realised how passionate I was about mortgage broking – how much I loved the industry and our role in helping Australians. I dwelled on all the knowledge that I had accumulated over the past 10 years – both as a sole loan writer and as a business – specifically all the mistakes that I made (often the best learning’s come from mistakes). I realised it would be a shame for this knowledge to not be shared so I set about writing an eLearning course to share every bit of this knowledge I had (with a focus on giving brokers the exact tools I use: checklists, spread sheets, reports, webinar presentations, marketing materials, advertisements and so on). I held nothing back. Click here to read more about the course.

During this process and after talking to many people in the industry, I decided that I would use my time and the resources that my course provided me to help the industry set a bigger vision for itself. I want to give something back to the industry, step up and provide leadership and leave a legacy of improvement. I am passionate about three things: mortgage broking, financial services and helping Australians. I have dedicated myself to inspiring brokers and industry leaders to adopt this big vision and lead the industry by example. I will do this through this website (blogging), speaking at PD days, conducting webinars and hopefully eventually organising events (so we as a community can share knowledge). I hope you can help too – go to the Ambassadors page to find our more.

I am open to invitations to present this vision to your group. My presentation typically lasts for approximately one hour and aims to educate, entertain and inspire brokers to join the revolution. Contact me if you are interested in inviting me to speak at your next PD day. Many of my presentations are done without charge but depending on the size of your group, location and type of organisation, a cost may be unavoidable.

You can contact me at stuart@brokerrevolution.com.au.